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Have a stress free wedding day and leave the streaming to the professionals.



How it Works

In today's climate, we are having to adapt the way we share and experience live events. If you don't want your family and friends to miss a moment of your big day, live stream your wedding with our professional broadcasting system. 

Our three-camera system gives us the flexibility to switch between multiple camera angles in real time, and give your event the professional feel that no home streaming system can rival.

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Live Stream Pricing: $925/ceremony

The cost of our Live Streaming services includes the high definition streaming quality of three cameras, professional sound recording, and two camera operators and a live switch board operator at the wedding ceremony. We'll stream straight to Youtube so that the link is easy to access. Your virtual guests can comment as the ceremony progresses! We have the ability to simultaneously record while we stream, and offer a professionally edited recording of the ceremony after the wedding date. Due to the complexity of the live stream service, special circumstances apply when scheduling us for multiple services. Contact us today to learn more about our live streaming services. 

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